Bringing Art to Underprivileged Kids



Kids Postcard Project encourages art as a creative expression that brings a sense of joyfulness and self-worth to underprivileged children through art projects and workshops, mostly in India and Cambodia.

We encourage confidence and curiosity with museums visits, on-site sketching and trips to cultural heritage sites, and the children gain a sense of achievement by showing and sharing their artwork.  

Each project introduces fresh ideas and new learning skills. The children develop  creative thinking and resourcefulness that goes far beyond the field of art, enabling creative and courageous responses to life's challenges.



Our main collaboration is with A.A.W.C. an organization that works with children of prostitutes living in the red light district of Mumbai, India. Founded in 1998,  A.A.W.C. do an amazing job working to give dignity, care and solace to the women, their toddlers and their teenage girls living in the Kamathipura and Falkland Road areas of Mumbai. We do yearly projects and outings with the girls at both their centers.

We also worked for several years with the children of O.D.A. Cambodia. Founded by artist Leng Touch in 2003, O.D.A. provides a home for disadvantaged children, teaching   art and ensuring them a good education and work prospects, as well as building English language schools in outlying villages.



The project grew from a spontaneous idea for ways to connect with the teenage girls of A.A.W.C. in Mumbai, India. On her first visit to A.A.W.C. in January 2007,  British artist and designer Antoinette, took blank postcards and asked the girls to draw their impressions of Gandhi.  It grew into a yearly tradition expanding to include museum outings and yearly holiday sales of calendars and cards .  

In 2009, Antoinette traveled to Cambodia. Again quite spontaneously she connected with a grass roots educational organization and home for children in the Angkor district. The founder of O.D.A. teaches watercolor painting to the children, which made it a perfect partner for the Kids Postcard Project.