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The Kids Postcard Project currently collaborates with two organizations, AAWC in India and ODA in Cambodia. Who are they and what do they do?


Apne Aap Women's Collective do an amazing job working against all odds to give dignity, care and solace to the women and their children living in the Kamathipura and Falkland Road areas of Mumbai, one of the largest and oldest red light districts in Asia. They operate three programs:-

Umeed, working with women (18+) in brothel-based prostitution. Udaan, working with their daughters and other girls living in the red light area (5-18) and Umang, for the toddlers (2.5 to 5.) AAWC helps empower the women to create a better quality of life and to prevent their children from entering the cycle of prostitution. Since 1998 they've served more than 2800 women and children. Their beneficiaries have gone on to earn Bachelors and Masters degrees and work in respected professions.

Kids Postcard Project collaborates with the teens of the Udaan program (age 9 - 16) -- wonderful girls who apply themselves with great joy and delight to our drawing projects each year. There are no photos of the AAWC girl's faces on this website because to compromise their identities could spoil their chances in life, so all photos are deliberately taken from behind.

The profits raised from the sale of their cards goes a small way to helping AAWC keep going. It's also a way in which the girls can have fun, gain confidence and help themselves, living up to the name of the organization "Apne Aap" which means "by ourselves".       





In April of 2009 the Kids Postcard Project started a second collaboration, with the teenagers of an arts and educational home for children in the Angkor region of Cambodia, whose founder teaches the children art. Leng Touch is an accomplished artist who was orphaned by the Khmer Rouge. He and his wife run ODA (Opportunities of Development through Art) a grassroots organization founded in 2003 in a village near Angkor Wat. Together they provide a home for an ever increasing number of disadvantaged children (33 at last count) age 4 - 19 years old, teaching them painting, drawing and English in addition to their public schooling.

In addition to this ODA also provides free English education to children in outlaying villages with 7 rural English schools, helping them to gain a better chance of employment and break the cycle of poverty.

Kids Postcard Project had worked with the boys and girls of ODA, (age 8- 18) setting themes that challenge their regular perception of art, and taking them on outings to draw out of their usual environment. In 2012 Kids Postcard Project was invited to do a three year retrospective show of the ODA kids art at the Visitors Gallery of the Angkor Hospital for Children. We managed to raise funds so ODA was able to build their own onsite Palapa Gallery.


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