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Khmer Kids Postcard Project 2011

“Reamker Murals”

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This gallery of Original Postcard Art done by the teenagers of ODA, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The Reamker is the Cambodian version of a great Indian epic, The Ramayana. The story tells the adventures of the blue hero god Rama and how his wife Sita, who is abducted by the evil kind of Lanka, Ravan. Rama, with his brother Lakshman and monkey army headed by Hanuman build a bridge across to Lanka to rescue her.

These paintings were inspired by our trip to draw the Wat Bo Murals of the Cambodian Ramayana. The fading murals are all over the inside of Wat Bo, and thanks to the chief monk, we were specially allowed in to draw. How fortunate, and what lovely paintings the kids did on their postcards!