The children of  ODA, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Encouraging Art for Life


In honor of the show we presented in 2012 at the Angkor Hospital for  Children in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we are selling a limited edition of large 14" x 10" prints on heavy watercolor paper. 100% of the proceeds will be returned to ODA.

Each print is $80 plus, $10 Postage and packing.

“Visions of Angkor” 9" x 14" Prints

“Mythic Creatures” 10" x 14" Prints

**No.1 Angkor Blue                                                              ** No. 2 Bayon

**No.3 Buddha                           **No.4 Angkor Sunset             **No.5 Apsara

**No.6 Kinaree                                                  **No. 7 Naga

**No.8 Garuda Charges                                          **No. 9 Garuda

**No.10 Pegasus                                                 **No.11 Cambodian Lion

“The Reamker” 10" x 14" Prints

No.12 Sita & the Deer        No 13 Hanuman Flies               No.14 The Blue God Rama

No.16 Hanuman leaps         No.17 Ravana and monkeys            No.18 Laksman

No.15 Rama and Ravana                

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** Red next to pieces that have already sold.