Kids postcard Project




Indian Kids Postcard Project 2015

‘Mumbai Animals’

Encouraging Art for Life


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This is a gallery of Original Postcard Art, done by the teenagers, age 10 - 16, of AAWC, Mumbai.

India has a long, rich tradition of painting animals from Mughal miniatures to the avatars and animal companions of deities, so we decided to animals for this years project. We talked about the Indus Valley animal seals created 4000 years ago in Mohenjo Daro. Then we looked at the amazing miniature paintings of composite animals, containing a myriad of human and animal life. Lastly we looked at the hightly patterened animals of Kalamkari fabric painting. With these as inspiration the girls drew their own Mumbai Valley animals, with color pencils and glitter pens. The results are stunning, and shows  their incredible ability to focus on detail!