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Indian Kids Postcard Project 2014

‘Mandalas and Moonstones’

Encouraging Art for Life


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This is a gallery of original postcard art by the girls, age 10 - 16,  of AAWC, Mumbai, India.

Many people have heard the word Mandala in connection with Indian art, and some are familiar with the Buddhist Wheel of Life, but not many people know the term "Moonstone," a semi-circular stone found at the entrance to Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka, usually with animals cavorting around the edge. This year we asked the girls to make their own Wheel of Life, either Mandala or Moonstone and to include things they loved or made them happy. So they're filled with flowers and trees, bicycles and birthday cakes, icecream and sweeties, friends and smiley faces and even some school books! At the center of one is the heart shaped logo of AAWC. In the process we had to learn how to use a compass, the first time for some girls, and look how well they did!