Indian Kids Postcard Project 2009

'Devi, Divine Goddess’

Kids postcard Project


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This is a gallery of Original Postcard Art done by the teenage girls , age 10 to 17 of AAWC, Mumbai and the Johari girls, who study devotional painting in Haridwar with the daughter of Harish Johari.

The Great Goddess or Devi as she is known is revered all over India in thousands of different forms. As Durga, the firece warrior goddess she has 9 manifestations, including Kushmanda Devi, Maha Guari and Siddhi Ratri Devi, celebrated every Fall with Durga Puja. As Saraswati, she is the goddess of art and learning with her beautiful instrument the veena. As Parvati she is consort of the great god Shiva and mother of Ganesha. In her darkest form, Maha Kali, she is the fearome Black One, and perhapsmost popular of all she is the lovely Lakshmi, goddess of beauty, wealth and properity. The girls had fun imagining her many forms.