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Indian Kids Postcard Project 2013

“Mantra Messengers”

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This is a gallery of Postcard Art done by the teenagers of AAWC, Mumbai, India.

The word Mantra comes from the Sanskrit, 'mana' meanin mind and 'trayate' mening to free. The repetition of a mantra is said to liberate the mind consciousness, the most famous mantra being the sacred syllable OM.

The use of mantras in India is all pervasive. When the girls of AWC were asked to write a message to be carried to heaven on the wings of their birds, most of them chose to write mantras. The avorite ones are to Ganesha, beloved elephant-headed god, who removes the obstacles from your path through life, followed closely by mantras to the two great gods of Hinduism, Rama (Vishnu) and Shiva. Some of the girls chose to write popular sayings lik " character is the highest virtue" chich is a common motto in Indian schools, and "Satymev Jayate".... Truth Alone Triumphs, which is the national motto of India.