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Indian Kids Postcard Project 2011


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This is a gallery of Postcard Art done by the teenagers of AAWC, Mumbai, India.

In Hinduism Lord Vishnu is known as the great preserver and protector. Whenever the cosmic order is in danger he takes form as one of his avatars and descends to earth to restore order. Thraditionally there are 10 avatars, from Matsuya, the fish who rescues the sacred scriptures from the flood to the boar-headed Varaha, who recues the earth, Rama, blue hero of the Ramaana and the beloved krishna, mischievous cowherd and mystical charioteer. Even the Buddha is said to be the ninth avatar of Vishnu, and Kalki, the tenth avatar is yet to come, riding his horse at the dissolution of the world. Here, we have also included the seductive Mohini, Vishnu's female avatar. The wonderful stories of the ' Das Avataras' permeate Indian art, I encourage you to discover them for yourselves!